About us

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Created by Londoners for Londoners our mission was simple; to create an online platform which gives Londoners the opportunity to get rewards, exclusive discounts and offers from the brands they love. We don’t just get rewards from the high street shops or big chains, the core of AMBAM are the indie brands and hidden gems.


The ‘REWARDS’ give people like you exclusive discounts from a range of brands so that you can make the most of London living. Members can claim the ‘REWARDS’ as many times as they like and in just a couple of clicks. We work with a range of brands who all reward our members; from boutique shops and independent online retailers through to festivals, events, beauty products, restaurants, pop-ups, bars and more.



Our Circles are community driven. Whether you plan to shout about an event you are hosting, want to meet fellow like-minded Londoners or talk about something you’ve just discovered, our Circles allow you to do just that.


Create your free profile, invite London friends to become part of your AMBAM network, keep an eye on updates in your newsfeed and post on to your timeline. Don’t forget you can also send unlimited private messages through AMBAM (a tad more exciting than sending an email to someone or whatsapp message!)


The best thing about AMBAM, it’s completely free!